Who are we?

The Village Storytelling Centre is an award-winning community arts organisation and registered charity based in Pollok, Glasgow. Established in 2000, we offer story-based opportunities across Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

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What do we do?

We use storytelling and story, in its broadest sense, as a tool to work alongside a wide range of people. Some of our work recognises how storytelling can support health and well-being, while other aspects promote storytelling as a creative tool, feeding the imaginations of pre-school children and their parents.

As well as offering free arts opportunities at our purpose-built storytelling centre, we do a large amount of outreach work in collaboration with other organisations. We have collaborated on projects with a number of Scottish third sector organisations including; Alzheimer’s Scotland, Aberlour and The Life Changes Trust.

Our values, mission and aims


The Values held and promoted by The Village Storytelling Centre prioritise inclusiveness, empowerment, transparency, collaboration and creativity.


Our mission is to bring people together and inspire them to realise their potential through the creative use of story.


  • We empower people to learn about themselves and each other
  • We enable people to develop skills and self confidence which may lead to opportunities for education, training and employment
  • We enhance understanding and mutual respect between individuals and groups as a basis for meaningful and creative relationships
  • We encourage the art and tradition of storytelling
  • We collaborate with other organisations to promote our shared aims and values