Our approach

Our approach echoes our values: inclusiveness, empowerment, transparency, collaboration and creativity. We ensure that all of our work is based on the following.

Our work meets people where they are in their lives and situations, both geographically and figuratively. We work with people from the place that they are comfortable starting and encourage them to stretch themselves to develop in new ways.
Many people we work with are vulnerable and lacking in confidence and we understand that this can make social situations and arts activities intimidating. Therefore our work is very supportive and encouraging, with recognition given for each effort that might only seem small or insignificant to an outside eye.
We have an excellent record of engaging “hard to reach” people through creating relaxed environments where people feel safe, able to have fun through creativity and are encouraged to make mistakes and laugh.
We recognise that circumstances can change without much notice, necessitating flexibility about times, locations and length of sessions. Sometimes, flexibility is not about individual sessions but about the whole shape of a programme. Our storytellers have a diverse ‘toolkit’ of techniques allowing them to adapt programmes in the moment to suit the needs of the group.

Past Projects

This Woman’s Voice

This three year project supported and gave a platform to women across Glasgow who have experienced violence. “This Woman’s Voice” was a person-centred storytelling and collaborative arts project, creatively led by the Village Storytelling Centre and included 9 other artists of different disciplines. It was delivered in partnership with various different Women’s Aid organisations who provide support, shelter and advice for Women suffering or fleeing domestic violence. The project used storytelling as the main artform to encourage and empower the participants to find their voice, and use it to shape and share their stories. The work supported women to build their confidence, recognise their strengths and achievements, have their voices heard and challenge stigma surrounding domestic violence.