Who we are

Based in the community of Pollok, Glasgow, we are Scotland’s leading applied storytelling organisation and a centre for contemporary oral storytelling.

What we do

Our Vision is a world where people and communities are inspired, connected and heard. Our Mission to improve and enrich lives across Scotland through the power of story is achieved through our work in our local community of Pollok and through collaborative projects with partner organisations, across Greater Glasgow and beyond.


  • To increase access to storytelling and creative opportunities for communities
  • To provide platforms for people to share their voices
  • To promote the artform of contemporary oral storytelling across Scotland and beyond


  • People will have improved mental health and wellbeing
  • People will feel better connected to each other and their communities
  • People will actively shape their communities and influence decision makers
  • The diversity of voices in contemporary oral storytelling will be improved
  • Audiences for contemporary oral storytelling will be increased and diversified

Our Approach

You can find out more about our work in Community Stories and Collaborative Projects.

“This morning I felt choppy. Now I feel sunny. I always cheer up knowing I will come to the session” Participant quote