Exhibition: The Stories We Are | Our Stories Our Voices

Village Storytelling Centre | Village Storytelling Festival 2024

Our Stories Our Voices is a project by The Village Storytelling Centre that engages adults from across Glasgow at the storytelling workshops to share, listen and create stories. This project aims to encourage people in finding their own voice and deciding what story and how will be told.

Exhibition The Stories We Are gathers stories and the art work created by the participants from various Village groups that creatively explored the theme of identity. Who are we? Where did we come from? What do we stand for? How do our stories look and sound?

Through the art pieces of wool masks, yarn images on wood, clay objects and photos of characters in the stories, you will experience the journey of each person behind the art. You will read and listen to the stories related to each piece of work. In these recorded stories the participants shared memories or fictional narratives that inspired their art.  

This exhibition blends visual art, audio recordings, videos and texts created by adults in Glasgow. 

Facilitated and curated by Daiva Ivanauskaitė-Brown & Trinidad Cabezón Droguett

Artists involved: Greer Pester, Lababa Naqvi, Dawn Campbell, Stuart Mitchell, Eilidh Traynor and Andy Gunn

Partner Organisation: Wheatley Care

Voices of Peace

This is a weekly group that is open to migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women from all over Glasgow meeting at the Village Storytelling Centre. The group shares and listens to stories, creates visual art work, storytelling publications and performances. Recently the participants of the group explored identity and language themes through traditional, personal  and fictional stories inspired by their children or childhood memories. Each story then was complemented with the images using yarn art on wood technique inspired by Huichol yarn paintings.

Me Over The Moon

by Layla

My mom is talking on the phone…

A Promise

by Fauzia

Sharak Pur was a small town near Lahore…

The First Baby

by Rabab

The story of any mother for their first baby…

Cat Prince Harry

by Shanaz

During Corona I was alone at home…

The Crow

by Fatima

Once upon a time the day was very hot…

Matthew and Mum

by Ophelia

It’s a story about a boy called Matthew…

This Woman´s Voice

This is a group open to women that gathers every week at Pollokshaws Community HUB. During months, the participants listened and shared stories, created masks with wool technique and recorded stories related to their masks. These masks represent their identity from different perspectives: fun memories about holidays and childhood, hobbies they like to do, professions they used to work, and also difficult moments of their lives. 

The masks were a creative process in which the participants decided what stories to share as key elements of their identity. 

The Puddle

by Hollis

My mask is in some way relative to my life…

The World of Art

by Katrina

I like my mask and I like the colours…

Jamaican Experience

by Helen

Hi there, I’m Helen and I come to the hub…

Thank You for the Music

by Flora

Line dancing, that was my hobby…


by Moira

In this mask, I have made a rough outline…

Happy Days

by Mary

This is a mask about me going to Turkey…

A Walk in the Hills

by Irene

It was Julie’s final hill, this one…


by Rafika

Hi, my name is Rafika. I made a mask…

Wheatley Care groups

In 2023 we ran Story Cafes and two longer 10-week Storytelling Workshops for various groups at Wheatley Care, a leading provider of care and support services in Scotland.

Working with the group at a personalised and self-directed support service at Maryhill for adults with learning disabilities, we delivered 10 playful and imaginative storytelling sessions. Using multi-sensory storytelling techniques, physical movement and dance, story prompts and games the participants created stories based on the magic characters that came up while exploring the theme of identity, taking moments of personal life stories and adding a touch of magic. Participants chose costumes for their magical characters. Stories show who the participants are, what they are interested in and care for and what are their dreams for their own lives, their communities and the world in the future. The participants’ stories speak about environment, animal rights, world peace, fighting poverty, limitless access to health, food, travel, work and self expression. Every story is accompanied with the photographic portraits of characters and audiovisual vignettes. 

The second group we worked with was at Marfield Livingwell service for older people. This group worked together for 10 sessions listening and sharing stories, playing together creating stories, doing improvisation and exploring sensorial objects. In every session we explored stories and memories about their lives, like neighbourhood from childhood, jobs, family memories, favourite trips, among others. At the end of the workshop, they chose stories that were a key part of their identities and created objects from clay, objects that were part of those stories. 

Animal Whisperer

by Ruksana

In the depths of the forest stood a hut…

The Fridge Filler

by Margaret H.

Margaret had come from a humble…

Lady Luck

by Doreen

In Las Vegas, in a fancy hotel and casino…

Magic Dust

by Lorraine

Lorraine was watching Neighbours…

Maryhill Fairy

by Margaret M.

In Glasgow, Maryhill, in a flat…

Musical Cat

by Michelle

Michelle opened the closet…

The Wizard & The Dragon

by David & Robert

Two of the giants of magic and wizardry…

When I Became Big Sister

by Jean

This is Jean. I’m 86 years old…

The Stories We Are is on display at Glasgow School of Art (Reid Building) from 25th-29th June 2024.