Twa Corbies and Stories from the Gelly

John McGeoch and Linda Williamson

Family event

Friday 28 June 2024, 2:00pm

Cinema, Centre for Contemporary Arts
350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD

The chase is on! Marigold and Jack are pursued by the marauding, supernatural Raven outlaws. But Jack is armed with greater powers — his mother’s insight and a pure love of adventure. This wondrous international tale recorded from Duncan Williamson (1928-2007) now finds thrilling transformation in the animated film ‘Twa Corbies’ by Scots poet Ishbel McFarlane, animator John McGeoch and Christine Martin of VSF screening is complemented by traditional storytellers Jimmy Williamson and Linda Williamson bearing the legacy of ‘Scotland’s greatest modern-day storyteller’. [Marigold’s Metamorphosis by John Slavin from Duncan Williamson’s traditional tale ‘Jack and the Two Ravens’]

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