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Storytelling for community planning – a question of ethics

The Village Storytelling Centre and the Centre for Civic Innovation


Friday 8 July 2022, 2:00pm

CCA, Clubroom
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD

Storytelling is a powerful tool for social change when working with people experiencing exclusion. Understanding the real stories of people affected by decisions made by planners, policy-makers and service providers can make a big difference to truly putting people at the heart of the support they access. But what are the ethical considerations when “using” people’s stories? How can we make sure they feel in control of their narrative, now and in the future? And who holds the power when we work with story in this way.

In this workshop you will hear from the Centre For Civic Innovation whose incredible ROOF project, which aims to eradicate homelessness, combines storytelling with service design to put people at its centre. You will also work through a series of provocations and exercises with Lauren Bianchi of the Village Storytelling Centre, considering those vital ethical questions.

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