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Exploring Death and Life through Storytelling: Dancing with Death

Rebecca LeMaire and Maggid Jim Brulé

Online Event

Saturday 9 July 2022, 2:30pm


In the second workshop in this series a traditional story will be the seed to spark conversations and personal reflections around facing our own death, the fear of dissolution and how to leave loved ones behind. The first workshop, focusing on Grief and Loss takes place on Wednesday 6th July at 2.30pm on zoom.

Both workshops are led by Rebecca Lemaire and Maggid Jim Brulé and are representative of the ongoing workshops and series they provide online, in which they take the participants on an exploration of death and life through stories and creativity. The objective is to investigate one’s current feelings and inner state, open difficult conversations, and hopefully uncover a space of stillness and peace to hold whatever storms may come. Rebecca and Jim are professional storytellers and also draw on their experience as Reiki healers, meditation teachers, sound healers and death doula (Jim) to create a safe and intimate space to share.

If you hold a full festival pass, you may attend this workshop without additional charge, but you YOU MUST book a ticket as places are extremely limited. This workshop is not included in the digital pass, please book separately.

Duration: 90 minutes

Access: Live Auto-Captioning

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