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Mull Theatre and Sonder Circus

Online Event

Friday 8 July 2022, 8:00pm

CCA, Cinema and Online
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD

A co-production between Mull Theatre and Sonder Circus, Cailleach is a theatrical film that blends circus with the ancient tradition of storytelling and focuses on one of the most inspirational women of Celtic folklore, Cailleach. Filmed on the Isle of Mull and in Aotearoa New Zealand, Cailleach will fuse the beauty of the two landscapes as the backdrop and playground for this story.

Beneath a veil of mystery, the Cailleach lives on. Plunging us deep into the darkness, she reigns over our winters. But Bride, the Goddess of Spring, bides her time, ready to bring new life and light back to us. A seasonal battle. Rooted in our landscapes and scattered through our folklore, the strength, energy, and mythology of these goddesses inspire this acrobatic re-imagining of their legends, with storytelling at its heart.

Breathing new life into some old art forms, Sonder Circus reconnects to the outdoors to bring you face-to-face with these deities. The tales of our ancestors. The land of our generations – past, present and future. The theatre of now.

You can attend this event either in person or online. If you are attending in person, please ensure you buy the correct ticket type as digital ticket holders will not be admitted.

Film Length: 40 mins

Access: Wheelchair Accessible, Closed Captions

Full credits

  • Writer – Ashley Smith
  • Director – Beth Morton
  • Cailleach – Lauren Jamieson
  • Bride – Joanna Vymeris
  • Narrator – Ashley Smith
  • Choreographers – Lauren Jamieson & Joanna Vymeris
  • Lead Videographer & Director of Photography – Gabriel Stella
  • Videographer (Aotearoa New Zealand) – Patty Lagera
  • Composer – Simon Donaldson
  • Sound Design – Simon Donaldson & Gabriel Stella
  • Producer (Sonder Circus) – Elinor Brewer
  • Producer (Mull Theatre) – Beth Morton
  • Funding – Creative Scotland & Mull Theatre

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