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Beware the Beasts

Shona Cowie

Family event

Wednesday 6 July 2022, 1:00pm

CCA, Theatre
350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD

Scotland was once full of magical beasts, absolutely full of them; bog goblins, dragons, naughty fairies, brownies, bony-backed-horsemen…all sorts. For the last 200 years they’ve kept themselves to themselves but recently, with lockdown and humans quietly stuck in their homes, the beasts have become braver, now they’re back.

For your protection, storyteller Shona Cowie will introduce the most fearsome of these creatures, provide case studies from successful monster evaders such as Granny and wee Jamie and will instruct you on the most effective ways to avoid being squashed, trapped in a rock or turned into a nugget.

Duration: 60 minutes

Access: Wheelchair Accessible


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