Keep Your Kennishead 2015

About the project

Keep Your Kennishead was a celebration of Kennishead community hall seen through the eyes of a group of young people using the space. Working with a storyteller and film maker, a group of 11 – 20 year olds devised, wrote, directed and performed in a film that demonstrated some of the silly comings and goings in a community hall.
Working in partnership with Aberlour Child Care Trust, over the space of 6 sessions, young people created a situation comedy about the place that means a lot to them. Not only a space of safety and security but also a space for fun and laughter, this project demonstrated the joy and support that young people receive from their local community hall and the workers from Aberlour who care for them.


The project aimed to encourage young people to engage with their local area in a positive way. Working together to create a piece of art that captures them and the place that means so much to them. At a time when community space is so hard to come by, this project aimed to shed some light on a place that local people work so hard to keep running.


“Our young people have increased self belief – some didn’t think they would be able to actually come up with the ideas required to take part in a film project, let alone come up with the ideas, write scripts, perform and be involved in operating the equipment and filming it all themselves (almost)!

Due to their involvement in all stages of its development, the young people have increased their skill set. One or two are now even considering studying or working in the creative industries. It was also good for the young people to be involved in terms of their personal growth and ability to express themselves.

One of our more introverted young people really came out of their shell during this project & although he expresses himself adequately, it was generally in a reserved & quiet manner. This project has enabled him to express himself more freely, more often & with more vigour”

‘This project was very worthwhile for every one of our young people because they all played a part in its success… everyone played an equally important role. It was therefore a fantastic project in terms of the complete inclusion and valuing of all’

David Kelly, Young People’s Worker at Aberlour