Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks was a storytelling and cross-artform project designed for young carers in Scotland. Over the course of twelve months, we worked with 10 groups of young carers in glasgow and the west of scotland to develop a diverse, culturally-rich programme that offered them the opportunity to engage with the arts.

As part of the project, each group chose a different art form to use in conjunction with storytelling. As well as creating an original story, the groups collaborated with specialists of their chosen art form to produce an event that showcased their work from the project. Friends and family of the young people were invited to the showcase as well as members of the local community.


This project aimed to provide young carers with the opportunity to engage with storytelling and the arts by removing barriers to access such as transportation and cost. Storytelling is a powerful engagement and communication tool that can help with relationship building and learning. Through this project we wanted to use storytelling to help these groups find their voice, build meaningful relationships and have a creative outlet to express their emotions.


Creative Sparks offered respite from the daily duties of the young carers by giving them the chance to have fun with their peers. The project also helped reduce isolation and loneliness by providing opportunities to form friendships and links with those in a similar situation who can offer understanding and support.

Through the use of multiple art forms, the young people were able to express themselves and communicate in a more confident manner. By creating original stories and artwork as part of a team, the groups also had increased self-esteem by realising they have the ability and potential to create high quality pieces of art.

Participant feedback

Even without them answering the questions you could see different friendship groups forming , you could see people who hadn’t wanted to talk at the start of the sessions volunteering to tell stories at the end.
The stories help me feel more comfortable with my stutters
The project helped me to build friendships because you learn to express yourself in different ways. On the way you meet new people that you could be friends with!
I think I speak for all the children in the ‘STORYTELLING PROJECT’ when I say that speaking in front of a crowd and reading as well as acting can be sometimes challenging but the storytelling project really helped
The storytelling project gave me the opportunity to know children my age and feel more relaxed. In result I feel like I’m a better helper to my mother ♥