Are Ye Dancin’, Winter Festival 2015

About the project

Are ye dancin’ was an inter-generational, inclusive project which used storytelling, dance and music to explore the theme of community with a group of young people and adults from Possobilities – The Disability Community in Possilpark.
Working in partnership with Indepen-Dance, this project explored storytelling through dance and movement. Participants worked over 8 weeks to create an original story and dance, where each artform mutually inspired and supported each other. The project was rooted in Scottish dance and folklore and culminated in an accessible community ceilidh in Possobilities – The Disability Community’s space in Possilpark – which was open to anyone from the wider community to attend.


Are ye dancin’ focused on how movement can be used to share stories and as an expressive outlet for some people who may find spoken word difficult. Movement itself is an entire vocabulary and this project aimed to inspire the group to use their physicality as a language to express themselves in a way they may not feel able to verbally. Movement coupled with storytelling creates a very powerful image and inspires different interpretations of the stories we hear and see.
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“Absolutely amazing! Fantastic experience.”

“This was wonderful; very enjoyable! THANK YOU ♥”

“I love to work with Joanne and Kelly. I hope you will be back do another brand new one. Thanks for doing this for the Tuesday Teens. From Jacob ☺”