How can storytelling help me?

The value of storytelling is increasingly recognised across a number of disciplines, from art to leadership, research, equalities and teaching.

Stories engage our emotions as well as our minds, making them an extremely powerful communication and learning tool in a wide range of settings.

We can help you understand how to tell stories, how to create stories and how to use story as a tool in your work.

Our storytelling training courses cover the art and performance of storytelling and its application for engagement, learning and support.

Perhaps you want to build confidence in presentation and performance, to better engage and support the people you work with, or to make learning more fun.

Maybe you want to help people to tell their stories or use storytelling as a means to raise awareness or create change.

Whatever you want to achieve through storytelling, we can provide the skills you need

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Introduction to Storytelling
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Multi-sensory Storytelling
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We run regular training sessions throughout the year.

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